Gender and Conflict

Culture, Identity, and Conflict: The Influence of Gender, in National Research Council, Conflict and Reconstruction in Multiethnic Societies (Washington, DC: The National Academies Press, 2003).

Rough-and-Tumble World: Men Writing about Gender and War, review of War and Gender: How Gender Shapes the War System and Vice Versa, by Joshua Goldstein, in Perspectives on Politics, vol. 1, no. 2 (June 2003).

Review of Libere sempre: Una ragazza della Resistenza a una ragazza di oggi, by Marisa Ombra, in Journal of Modern Italian Studies, vol. 20, no. 4 (2015).

Review of Italian Women and International Cold War Politics, 1944-1968, by Wendy Pojmann, in Journal of Modern Italian Studies, vol. 18, no. 5 (2013).

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